Finishing the Jetty Journey

In January of 2017, I set out for an ill-conceived trip to northern Utah to visit the Spiral Jetty. I almost made it all the way there. If it wasn't for feet of snow on the last nine miles of road. You can read about that here. The two photos below show a picture of … Continue reading Finishing the Jetty Journey

Fun and Beautiful Business in Idaho

I live and work out of home in the Salt Lake City area. I travel a lot to the states in my region (UT, CA, NV, AZ, NM, HI, NE, OK, KS, CO). My boss, who oversees the entire nation, lives in Boise, ID. I have been to Idaho about 3 times ever. Two of … Continue reading Fun and Beautiful Business in Idaho

Solar Eclipse in the Land of Spuds

The "diamong ring" moment in the eclipse I had heard talk about the amazing total solar eclipse for over a year, pretty much since I moved to Utah and started going to some of the Utah Valley Astronomy Club meetings. It was there that I learned it was best to be in the "viewing path" … Continue reading Solar Eclipse in the Land of Spuds