Provo Rec Center and the Webb

We had two major highlights today in Day 6 of my UT trip. The first was the twins and I going to the Provo Rec Center.  It was by far the best rec center I have ever seen. It was more like an indoor amusement park.  It had everything I would ever want: lazy river, cliff … Continue reading Provo Rec Center and the Webb

UT – Day 3

Had a great day today doing "normal" dad things. Took all the girls to school, watched a school assembly where the twins sang in the choir, took lunch to Mariana and gave Yana and her friend a ride home from school. I also took a few more pix of the mountains since it was a clearer … Continue reading UT – Day 3

UT Trip Day 1 – Happy Birthday Twins

I have just started my 1 week trip to UT to be with Juju, Riri, Mariana, Yana, Harrisen, Elias, his wife Sara and their child Ellie Bean. It just so happens that my first day there was also Juju and Riri's birthday. They have turned 10 years old! I know parents say this all the … Continue reading UT Trip Day 1 – Happy Birthday Twins