Winter at Utah Lake

However, twice in the past week I have felt impressed to take the 4 mile drive to Utah Lake. I was not disappointed either time. The first visit, I came across ice fisherman and on today's visit, I found the broken ice sheets at sunset.

Kayaking Utah Lake

I love being on the water. I always have and probably always will. For this reason I was so happy when I discovered that Lindon Marina on Utah Lake offered a special Thursday night rental for their watercraft. They offer any paddle craft for $10 after 5pm. That price was right! Getting the 2-man provisioned … Continue reading Kayaking Utah Lake

The Sun Goes Down on Utah Lake

An intriguing view looking EAST at sunset While I was working in my home office this afternoon, I glanced out the window to look at the lake in the distance. I saw lots of clouds with diverse appearance. I knew that today's sunset would be terrific. So I gathered my gear and headed out to … Continue reading The Sun Goes Down on Utah Lake

The Frozen Lake – Morning and Evening

I decided to take the drone to Utah Lake today. I first went in the morning and then returned again in the evening for sunset. The lake is mostly frozen and it was fun walking out in the middle of the lake.   Stensen came with me at sunset and we arrive just in time. … Continue reading The Frozen Lake – Morning and Evening

Humans and Birds Flying

Over the past week, I have visited a spot nearby my house where Ultralite pilots come out and fly around the banks of Utah Lake. This post shows some of the pix I have taken during these visits. I love this next photo below. I saw it coming from a long distance. The egret was … Continue reading Humans and Birds Flying