Frosty Winter Foliage

 Red berries weathering the frosty winter Today's weather was quite interesting. It was foggy all day with lots of moisture in the air and the temp was in the teens. It created a most gorgeous and picture-book frost all over the trees and plants. I spent about 15 minutes shooting in one location to get … Continue reading Frosty Winter Foliage

First Journey to American Fork Canyon

This is the 1st of 2 pix that I tool from the exact same spot on the stream. I simply did a 180 and took the 2nd picture, which is below. They both came out nice. Yana and I drove to American Fork Canyon today. It was my first trip there. I didn't realize it … Continue reading First Journey to American Fork Canyon

The Week of WARM and WINTER

This has been a busy and interesting week. I began the week with a trip to beautiful Laguna Beach, then in the middle of the week travel to Minneapolis, and then ended the week today with a drive through Provo Canyon to find winter scenery.  Began the week in sunny and warm Laguna Beach The week … Continue reading The Week of WARM and WINTER