Summer Fun in Utah

Summer Fun is the best fun. This post covers a backyard music fest, tubing the Provo River and multiple hikes.

A Night on the Mountain

Two of my daughters, Yana and Riri, decided to join for dinner on the mountain and then they went home and left me all alone on the mountain. Of course, I was totally groovy with that. Although, it would have been great if they stayed.

A Stensen Buck Visit

On a sunset hike, Stensen sits in the tall grass and contemplates the end of the day You may know that Stensen, my son, lives in GA. He generally comes out for a visit in summer and during Christmas. We love having him here sooooo much. Today he left to fly back home and I … Continue reading A Stensen Buck Visit

First Journey to American Fork Canyon

This is the 1st of 2 pix that I tool from the exact same spot on the stream. I simply did a 180 and took the 2nd picture, which is below. They both came out nice. Yana and I drove to American Fork Canyon today. It was my first trip there. I didn't realize it … Continue reading First Journey to American Fork Canyon


┬áThe girls enjoyed a day trip to Santa Cruz while I was at work. Prior to knowing that I would have a job with Connections Education that would begin July 25, I had scheduled for the girls and I to take a road trip. I would pick them up in UT, drive to LA and … Continue reading A LAST CALIFORNIA HURRAH

The Class of 16 and 2016

I remember Yana as a small girl. She was ridiculously cute, talkative, and was like a butterfly flittering around. Last night I was able to see her flitter on to the graduation stage, enjoy herself through the ceremony, and at the very end, receive her diploma. While she was part of the Orem High School … Continue reading The Class of 16 and 2016

Well Hello Yana!

I had the pleasure to watch my daughter Yana perform as Ermengarde in the Orem High School production of Hello Dolly. I was able to see her 2 nights in a row. Overall, the production was much better on the 2nd night. Yana however, was brilliant both nights of course! It was a cool blast … Continue reading Well Hello Yana!