Our Home is a Blessing!

As I sit in my new house at the end of an exhausting day, I cannot help but sit (too tired to stand) in awe of our amazing God. This time last week, I was supposed to move into another house when the day before the move I received a call that the landlord did not want to rent any longer because he thought I had too many children (which of course is a violation of federal law).

School was to start in seven days, I had already registered the kids in school and now we had nowhere to live in the school district in which we needed to live.

I started another online search after having searched for over a month. I found one house. It had one more bedroom and was much nicer than the first. I emailed the agent who quickly responded that there was already an application submitted for the house. She said she would let me know if something else became available.

I went to bed, said my prayers and asked God for a home for my children. The next morning I woke up and had the strong impression that I needed to call the agent and let her know I was still interested. She told me that the contract was still on the house. As we were about to hang up, she said I could still apply even though it was unlikely anything would happen. 

So I did.

Two days later the agency called and asked me to submit more info, which I did immediately. Then last Friday, they asked for my financials. I told them that I needed to put an application in on another house that day if they didn’t think anything was going to happen on the house we wanted. The agent told me to wait just a bit.

Soon thereafter, I received an email saying that I was approved for the house and that I could move in Monday, which is today!

So here I sit, exhausted, but so uplifted at the tender mercies the Lord has shown my children and I, once again. They are so happy to be in this big house. Four of them have their own rooms for the FIRST TIME EVER!

Sure, we have no furniture, or beds, or kitchen table, but we are so grateful for the blessing we have been given.

The best part of this story is that we prayed as a family last Thursday night before dinner that God would make a way for us to get a home that would meet our needs. As soon as we found out we were approved, one of my daughters immediately turned to me and said, “Dad it was because of our prayer.”

I love my God!


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