Day 5 in DC – The Last Day

Well today we concluded our wonderful road trip to DC. We did a lot today. Saw a cemetery, went to the Spy Museum, visited an art gallery, took a private tour of the capital courtesy of Senator Mike Lee, and then went to a friend’s house and made a delicioso dinner!

DSC_1982 DSC_1990DSC_2039 DSC_9546 DSC_9535 DSC_9504 DSC_2136 DSC_2134 DSC_2133 DSC_2127 DSC_2106 DSC_2103 DSC_2092 DSC_2089 DSC_2085 DSC_2081 DSC_2084DSC_2072 DSC_2066 DSC_2062 DSC_2058 DSC_2053 DSC_2045 DSC_2042 DSC_2040 DSC_2037 DSC_2036 DSC_2031 DSC_2029 DSC_2017 DSC_1999 DSC_9609 DSC_9607

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