The Granddaughter is Here!

Yep, I am a Grandpa.  GULP.  Those are hard words to get out, but I do so with great joy as baby Elliana Mayson has joined the world.  She was born Tuesday at 4 lbs 8 oz.  She made it home yesterday and both momma (Sarabeth) and baby are fine.  Daddy, Elias, was able to be one the phone from basic training for the birth.  I am so happy about that for him.  So now I have the obligation of sharing lots of photos that no one other than family will care about.

Tough. Deal with it!

1043986_433139986794068_1239783297_n1043995_434066953368038_988084605_n 1012769_432663396841727_430340880_n 1012649_433560336752033_712053958_n 1005944_433140670127333_1352178279_n 1001470_434069133367820_1265738540_n 999522_434008073373926_2079385706_n 998602_434069626701104_2081626248_n 996189_433713080070092_397177169_n 936429_432653476842719_1756699541_n 379637_433178266790240_561532894_n 10640_433922643382469_19820188_n 6184_433414426766624_1173864054_n

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