Back With the Fishermen

Last Sunday, I visited the upper portion of the Provo River, just a bit downstream from the hydroelectric feed. I came across a lone fly fisherman and spent some time talking and photographing him fishing. He told me that Saturday mornings would be much busier. So I went back this morning.

I only had my cell phone with me today. My step-daughter had a baby two days ago and I allowed them to take my Nikon into the maternity room with them. Naturally, due to coronavirus, I was unable to go in. So all the photos and videos were shot on my phone.

Fly fisherman dot the left hand river bank

He was right. There were more, just not as many as he suggested. It could also have been that I was there early. Perhaps if I was there around 9am instead of 7am, more would have turned out.

Today there were 7 fisherman in about the same location.

What a beautiful spot to do pretty much anything, including fishing!

I found a small side road that went on the far side of the river bank. I parked and hiked on a short trail to get to the banks of the river. Along the short 100 yard hike, I passed a few interesting things.

The first was this no trespassing sign under a decaying tree. I thought that was clever. The second was a lodge-type building nestled in the woods. It looks like the time of place a bunch of outdoorsmen would gather to clean and eat their spoils.

Whatever you do, don’t go under that tree! It is private property.
The lodge in a clearing between the small road and the river banks.

As I approached the river, I noticed a bunch of poles leaning up against a tree. I never really looked at fly fishing poles before. They seem quite simple.

I used my cell phone’s FOOD feature for the blurred effect.
The poles wait patiently to get some fish.

For some unknown reason, I shot video of the walk from my car to the river. You can see it below.

I made friends with the two fisherman at this location. They had caught 8 fish so far today. They were a mix of Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout. They were not keeping any of them.

These two were having success.
I love this one. As he snagged something, he brought out his phone to take some pix.
Teamwork. His buddy waded into deeper water to help get unsnagged.

The video below shows these two as the team up to bring in a 17 inch brown trout. Watch carefully and you will see the fishes fighting the catch ans flopping on the water.

As I was photographing the pair on the other side, this fisherman started a bit upstream and worked his way down to where I was taking pix. He comes to this spot frequently and indicated that the other side, where the other two were fishing, was one of the best spots.

While he was right next to me, he reeled in a small Brown Trout. Video below.

Something I noticed as soon as I saw the river this morning was how much faster the water was moving. After speaking to one of the fisherman, he confirmed that there was about another foot of water than there as last week. You may be able to notice in the video below.

I love this one with huge mountain as a backdrop

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