A Steak in Our Hearts

The steaks sizzling in a bath of EVOO and lots of butter

Both Ann and I enjoy a good steak. With Valentines Day this weekend combined with Covid restrictions, we decided to have an evening at home cooking a delicious meal together. We chose an incredible dish: steak, potatoes and asparagus.

We went to the store together to get the ingredients we needed. Some we had at home already, but I am showing the entire list below.

The steaks prior to cooking

2 24 ounce thick NY steaks
fresh rosemary
beef stock
red wine for cooking only (alcohol cooks away)
freshly ground pepper

When we got back from the store, we divided up the work and got to it. Ann focused on the potatoes and asparagus and I focused on the steaks. The hyperlapse video below shows a bit of the cooking process.

The early stages of the cooking process

Cooking the steaks and the sauce was an incredible experience. I put the EVOO in the pan, added the steaks, garlic and rosemary. I browned one side for a couple minutes and then flipped them over. After a couple of minutes on the other side, I added a stick of butter. Yes, a stick.

I basted the steaks for several minutes and then I removed them from the pan. The video below shows what was going on during this stage: steaks sizzling, asparagus steaming and Ann working the taters.

After basting the steaks, I pulled them out of the pan and put them on a plate while I added red wine, beef stock and the shallots to the hot pan. I let them clear and tenderize. The next video shows this stage of the cooking.

Once the shallots and the red-wine sauce was ready, it was time to cut into the steaks. Ann grabbed one and sliced it open. This is shown in the video below. It turns out, the steaks need a few more minutes of cooking. Our meet thermometer was not working so we guessed wrong on their readiness.

We did cook the steaks for about another 4-5 minutes and then they were perfect. We plated our food, added the sauce to the meat and the potatoes, and sat down to enjoy our creation.

The steaks need a bit more cooking for us

The steaks were good but the star of the show was the red wine sauce. It was STUPENDOUS. One of the best I have ever had.

My plate…even seeing again gives me the feels!

It was fun shopping, cooking and eating together for our Valentines date night. I would certainly want to do something like this again in lieu of the traditional mob scene of a restaurant.

Getting ready to dig in

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