Hiking Season is Well Under Way!

This is one of the best times of year for me…the beginning of the non-snow hiking season. I am sharing some of the fun pix from the early hikes thus far. While the Spring green and flowers are still weeks away, there is still plenty of beauty along the trails.


Ann at a location we fell in love with for some future overnight camping
Ann at the snow line


The pix below are from several different trips into the canyon.

Looking up across the canyon in morning light
Looking deep into the canyon at dawn
A snowy day in the canyon
From a night hike in the canyon

BonnevillE shoreline trail

The greening begins as does the habitat recovery after last year’s fire
So hot that everything around her was burned
Yours truly taking a break on the trail
Two beauties: Ann and Mt. Timpanogos
Ann getting the right show while on the edge of the canyon cliffs


The beginning of the trail
The trail is paralleled for a distance by a train track

Stay tuned for much more this season. I am looking forward to new journeys, revisting past favorites and challenging myself.

Let me know if you’d like to hit the trails sometime.

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