Blue Skies at Red Lake

I used this Memorial Day holiday to take one of my favorite hikes in the area – the hike to Red Lake in Payson Canyon. Today is the 4th time I have done the hike.

This is Red Lake and this is all th water in the lake. See video below to see how bad it is.

I went solo as no one else was able to join me. Some of my favorite hikes are solo. However, let me be clear, I LOVE hiking with others as well.

Today’s hike started with a quick around Maple Lake and then I caught the trail to Red Lake. While Maple Lake has plenty of water in it, as shown in the photo below. Red Lake has never had much water in it. I was quite surprise that it had almost no water at this time of year. It should be full with fresh snow melt. The photo at the beginning of this post shows the pathetic state of the “lake”.

Maple Lake
A paddler out on the lake

One of the things that made today’s hike terrifc was all the wildflowers and nature along the trail. There are always wildflowers on the trails I hike, but this trail had some that I have not yet seen this year.

Not only have I not seen this one on other trails, I don’t think I have ever seen it.
Look at the color variation in this one

There were lots of butterflies and moths out on the trail. I love the two pix below. The first one shows the stealthy nature of the butterfly (or moth, not sure), and the second shows the beauty once it opens its wings.

If I didn’t tell you, you may not have even noticed
Wings open – no longer stealthy
One of the things I love about this trail is that it goes through deep woods
There are several areas along the hike where fire has ravaged the land

Below is the video that shows how dry the lake is. I would love to see the entire thing full of water.

This last video is just a nice calm moment of Zen. Listen to the natural sounds. It was like this on the entire hike.

Yours truly at Red Lake

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